Saturday, November 8, 2008

first tube

I still want Phish to get back together and play inside the limelight. im going to do the place up. what is the deal with skittles? they're going to open that when? anyhow i think phish should get back together and play inside limelight b/c i'm making it my particular club and deal for the rest of my life although imagining phish inside the club idea of skittles is insane. no. limelight. play limelight. either way i promise every fairfield kid who wants to be down on it that it's all good and that now that i think about it phish is probably getting back together to open skittles and i just forgot about it and now i remember it b/c im seperate from williamsburg but paris and i and all my people will come down from the show and im the founder so its all good and it sounds more like the strokes/white stripes/matt and kim will be opening limelight. this makes alot more sense considering the concept and venue size of the places. im happy that i contributed to the entirety scene of nyc music creating these two clubs. and now i understand the difference between my/paris hiltons club @ the limelight and what Skittles is. My heart is in the limelight though. But I'm happy that Skittles exists, without me and probably w/the silvertiles kids. an entirely different group of people. 
So I'm getting it now. OK now I get it. And this would be the last entry for this blog. 
Join us again for the next fun fuckfest. 
Come to the Limelight. I'm going now to the 5th ave apple store. 

Little Nemo 

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The Rock said...

Going in for Pez check up next Saturday, have to make co-payment to MD.