Saturday, November 8, 2008

first tube

I still want Phish to get back together and play inside the limelight. im going to do the place up. what is the deal with skittles? they're going to open that when? anyhow i think phish should get back together and play inside limelight b/c i'm making it my particular club and deal for the rest of my life although imagining phish inside the club idea of skittles is insane. no. limelight. play limelight. either way i promise every fairfield kid who wants to be down on it that it's all good and that now that i think about it phish is probably getting back together to open skittles and i just forgot about it and now i remember it b/c im seperate from williamsburg but paris and i and all my people will come down from the show and im the founder so its all good and it sounds more like the strokes/white stripes/matt and kim will be opening limelight. this makes alot more sense considering the concept and venue size of the places. im happy that i contributed to the entirety scene of nyc music creating these two clubs. and now i understand the difference between my/paris hiltons club @ the limelight and what Skittles is. My heart is in the limelight though. But I'm happy that Skittles exists, without me and probably w/the silvertiles kids. an entirely different group of people. 
So I'm getting it now. OK now I get it. And this would be the last entry for this blog. 
Join us again for the next fun fuckfest. 
Come to the Limelight. I'm going now to the 5th ave apple store. 

Little Nemo 

icky thump

so i'm throwing 32 numbers on Sam-e bottles and i'm really running with this as I go
I'm making up punk art as I go 
it's all in the spirit of the ramones especially these moments 
and we're building something thats based on a spiritual philosophy 
so this really is the level that little nemo should be on 
thats really key and its really cool and its really like damn.... 
this shit is not easy. 
icky thump is a new fucking thing for me and is till wanna fuck meg white trying to look at all of this from the outside which isnt always happening and more or less im thinking well i could run it with how i used to write way back in the day and kinda run with whatever stream of thoughts ihave going on in my head but all things considered if i do that we're also facing a particular thought processe of not having pot when that was the whole spark that made tasty moursels and the spark that made the republican family and the hartford series with zany adam and passerelli as mitch reynolds and the whole thing. 
so it'd be pretty key to get high but it seems everytime i do that on this show they go after me in an awkward way. do u have any idea what its like to get stoned and have people broadcasting through you're head trying to bug you out? its fun when they're like, hi im lorenna gomez sanchez in you're head but the rest of the time it's really really not a fun deal. they mention it like they turn me into a child and go after me in that way. what an awful fucking thing. 

7 nation army

somewhere in the back of my mind i'm more or less designing a crew symbol system. 
i think it's all a little bit complex outside my head and it's really like oh 
i used to think before people transmitted through me
but i'd be lost without them 
well i can bitch about it or catch on that it's like a team effort
this is all very fraternal but one has to admit totally freaky 
okay. i'm hungry and it's allllllmost next apple store time. 

little nemo 

fell in love with a girl

so I sort of flash through the years of when i realized i needed to get off my ass 
and i needed to get to fucking school
and i needed to be recording our adventures in the mustang 
because if i wasnt hitting on lauren arnoff that night @ jennys birthday party for josh i'd be dead
and if I wasn't hitting on her for being a bitch (an art school cunt) a little preppy bitch i'd be dead and the part that stuck out of it all in my head is that when pascal called and he was like i almost died in the a car crash and i told her she laughed. like laughed out loud. 
and then was like oh im sorry. 
and was real giddy and i loved her for this. 
lauren arnoff is on the pants of isis.
and thats so fucking key.
b/c i almost fucked her sister for voting for guliani and being a republican chick outside radio city music hall after bjork. 
hi arnoff sisters. you're both welcome in whichever district u wanna go in. 

little nemo

girl anachronism

i'm flashing back on all the people i want to be involved with the limelight 
and i'm flashing back to the fact that if i stood in hartford i would have been apart of phi delta chi when slick matt was formulating the hartford chapter so i definitely want uha kids from pdt especially slick/benson to come along to limelight and run the club w/me. 
and to let the phi delta chi kids know they have an opening with me. i consider myself still a beecher kid and one of slick matt's bros so you can come to me when u want a job. slick will refer you and it'll probably be like the paper writing thing backwards.
you'll end up going through me to slick and now i give u money 
and u get a job doing whatever. im a good boss i overpay and im rich for writing down getting high times with passerelli and slick in hartford. 
bomb ass shit. seriously. 

little nemo

what it takes

okay so the question is: 
can a man come up with the knowledge he has over a decade 
some form of an esoteric creation 
and run through it in the course of 12 hours 
can i back up the idea of fairfield kids being the shit
and rich kids running through the dreamscape concept 
can we beat the idea of silver tiles in 12 hours what probably took a month
can we proove that paris hilton beats cailtin in the world of inspiration and muse
and the entire thing is that these girls are actually on the line. 
yes. yes we can.
thats the whole idea. 
so this is working for little nemo eats forecastmazy. 
but maybe i should be working on the next level. 
im sure we'll figure this out. 
okay we have no fucking choice obviously we're going to im halfway babbling in this moment and also just wanting to stay on track. 
considering how i was never shy and i was one inch away from fulfilling my actual personality and having sex with biatta girls before we went on pause (preppy uptown/jewish although jew not a battery requirement) i'll find some bitter place and go. 
pause point. that fucking pause point. 
yo, does jessica host want a symbol too. hey host, actually, do you wanna move here? you're on the in (obviously). the show is semi premised around you're visit its only right. 

little nemo 

living on the edge

the entire mental sales point of aerosmith becomes this being my first concert 
and this being a band i was and am deeply into 
but we never talked about this on this show 
why? how did we skip over this. 
this was my first concert. 
so how did i skip over aerosmith on this t.v. show? 
we covered led zeppelin right? how did we skip over aerosmith. 
oh yeah, joe perry kid @ sva all good. 
ahh they're fucking with my head when i start to get into actually really genuine and important moments. mad lame. you know these aerosmith videos from the 90s are so fucking key too. 
im so psyched to make music videos in the limelight 
but what will we call my tony wilson show?
i need paris hilton to give me the ups on this. 
okay so we've almost finished the first pillar in the formula and thats decently key. 
then we're going to the 5th ave apple store. 
3 apple stores in one day. 
a trine. 
how fucking esoteric in an exoteric way. 

little nemo